Tips For Dealing With Dirty Gutters

A lot of homes in the Southwest are equipped with flat roofs. Whether its one of the many bungalows that dot the region, or a line of large commercial buildings in the downtown core, it would not take very long to find a building with a flat roof all through the Southwest. The reason for this is that flat roofs are excellent ventilators. They are designed to help keep cool air in and prevent the hot sun from penetrating the interior. This is one of the most integral benefits to a gravel roof.

Effective ventilation is definitely an asset when compared to the other options. Most of the other roof options are made from wood and heavy shingles. They are also designed with sharp angles and odd layouts that are not conducive to effective ventilation. While shingle technology is improving to the point where a lot of the sun's heat can be repelled, they are still not nearly as effective as tar and gravel roofs.

Tar and gravel roofs are quite easy to imagine. They are defined by a flat roof surface with a layer of gravel and some tubes sticking out for air flow. Underneath the surface level of gravel is a thick layer of tar mixed with waterproof materials. This thick layer of material helps keep the roof safe from water leakages and exposure from the sun.

So ventilation is the first benefit of tar and gravel roofing. What are some others?

Quick Installation is Always Nice - A lot of other roof types take a lot longer to install. With tar and gravel roofs it's a different story. Usually a new tar and gravel roof will be laid over and older roof of the same type. So the first step is to remove the old tar and gravel to make space. Then the new waterproof tar material can be laid onto the roof with relative ease. Once it has been nicely set, a healthy portion of gravel can be tossed across the entire surface of the roof look what i found and that’s that!

Economical - Another obvious benefit to tar and gravel roofing is that it's cheap. Certainly cheaper than alternative roofing varieties like slate, tile, or metal roofing. While it should not be the most important consideration, finding a residential roofing company in Los Gatos that can replace a tar and gravel roof for cheap is an opportunity that should not be passed up on.

Great for Fire Safety - This might be a surprising benefit to some, but it certainly is true. The thick layer of tar and waterproof material is made to be fire retardant up to even the most extreme levels of heat.

It should be nice to know that such a familiar roofing style has so more information many great benefits to it.

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